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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this site?

To browse the menus :-
1. Enter 1st part of the Post Code in the Search Box
2. Click on the Search for Menus Button
3. From the list of Establishments displayed select the Menu you would like to order from
4. Click on the Menu icon to go to your selected Menu

Remember to check the price you pay when ordering.

Why are their no prices?

RingandEat do not display the prices of items on the menus because of the difficulty we have in obtaining up to date prices. If the Establishment owner upgrades their free listing, prices will be displayed.

Can I order Online?

Yes and No, it is not possible to order on line using this website.
However, certain links will direct you to external menus that do allow online ordering but may require registration.

What do I do if I have a complaint about an Establishment?

If you have any complaints about the Establishments listed on this website, or the service you recieve from them, you should contact the Establishment directly.
The Menus displayed on this site are created and maintained by RingandEat or by the site that has been linked to. We try our upmost to display them as accurately as possible, however, we can accept no liabilty for any errors or omissions to the menus

How do I join this Website?

There is no sign up or registration to view the Menus on RingandEat, you can just go ahead and browse the Menus.
For Establishment Owners - If you would like your Menu displayed on Our website please send a copy of your Menu to the address on our contact page

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